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Membership Meeting Dates/Locations

West Location: Union Hall
The third Wednesday of each month
Times: 1110 and 1300

East Location: The Reserve
101 W. Glade Rd. #102 Euless, TX 76039

Date: Thursday following the third Wednesday
Times: 0730 and 1045

Posted by request from Greg Mackey
Below is an article that was posted by AA on

How Do I Report My Health Insurance On My Tax Return?

When filing your 2014 taxes this year you will be required to report whether you had health insurance coverage on your tax return. If you had health coverage in each month of 2014, proving whether you had health insurance will be as easy as checking a box on your tax return. You will not need to file any additional forms, unless you are claiming the premium tax credit or a coverage exemption.

Health coverage includes being enrolled in a medical plan through American Airlines or US Airways. Other coverage such as employer-sponsored coverage through your spouse, Medicare and Medicaid may also qualify.

You may have heard about the form 1095-C created by the IRS for large employers to report health insurance coverage offered under employer-sponsored plans. The 1095-C is not required to be filed by any employer for 2014, and American will not be providing them this year.

For additional information or direction contact your tax, legal, or financial advisor.

Gregory C Mackey
Benefits Coordinator, TWU 567

Equity Distribution Plan Lawsuits

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IAM-TWU Single Carrier Filing

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10-24-2014 IAM Responds to Drummond

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September Pre-Funding Flyer

Prefunding 29d Grievance Filed

Jose Carballo has opened and is maintaining a Twitter account on behalf of Local 567.
The web address to sign up is:

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Shoot Smart Gun Range two doors down from the Hall is offering a 25% discount for AFW Members. Just show your AA badge showing AFW as your base location or your TWU Membership card.

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