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WARN Notification

From: Weel, Jim
Sent: Friday, October 30, 2015 2:28 PM
To: Drummond, Garry; Harry Lombardo; Larry Pike
Cc: Virella, David; Doyle, Sean; McCoy, Tony; Cohen, T C; Hollander, Ashle
Subject: WARN Letter - AFW/TAESL

Harry/Garry and Larry,

As previously announced on September 29, 2015, Rolls Royce’s request to dissolve the TAESL joint venture with American Airlines has resulted in the closure of the TAESL facility at AFW. Pursuant to the federal WARN Act, 29 U.S.C.A., § 2101 et. seq., American is required to provide at least 60 days’ notice regarding the TAESL closure to the union leadership, for the employees the union represents, that are or may be affected by the potential job loss as a result of the closure. Attached is the formal notice of the TAESL facility closure along with a list of affected employees. The Company will also mail to you the original notice.

The Company recognizes that the impact of the TAESL closure to TWU employees is difficult. As a result, and as you know, the Company has been working closely with both the Int’l and Local TWU leadership to address employees concerns and interests. The Letter of Agreement reached with TWU provides assistance beyond any contractual obligations from a financial perspective for those accepting the early out or in the form of testing and training opportunities in advance of the reduction in force for those awarded new positions with the Company.

If you have any questions regarding the WARN letter, please contact Ashle Hollander, Director HR Partners at 817-963-2701. If you have any questions regarding the Early Out process or reduction in force, please call me at 817-967-1447.

James B. Weel
MD – Labor Relations – Tech/Air Ops
(817) 967-1447

WARN Letter

How America Is Killing the Middle Class

The American Dream relies on the one thing the U.S. is killing: the middle class.

Posted by AJ+ on Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 20, 2015

Dear TWU-IAM Association Member,

As the regular Joint Association bulletins report, your Mechanic and Related/Stores and Fleet Service Negotiating Committees are working hard to finalize joint contract proposals. In the meantime, TWU-IAM Joint Association Leadership is preparing a longer term strategy and formal rollout plan to initiate joint contract negotiations with American Airlines, ensuring we enter the process in the strongest possible position to fight for our members. It has become necessary to correct the recent misconception—perpetuated by some individuals—that the TWU-IAM Association has somehow dragged its feet in this process.

The TWU-IAM Association was certified by the National Mediation Board (NMB), the federal agency that determines representation issues in the airline industry, on May 19, 2015, five months ago. Although the TWU-IAM Association was created in 2013, it did not have legal certification and thus could not act as a certified bargaining agent before NMB certification.

Since the Association was certified by the NMB five months ago, it has named the negotiating committees, conducted individual and joint committee training, and determined servicing and negotiating responsibilities for all work groups in all classes and crafts. The Mechanic and Related/Stores and Fleet Service Negotiating Committees have both met for six separate weeklong sessions to reconcile contract language from existing pre-merger agreements and write new joint contract language for 30,000 ground workers at American Airlines.

These are complex tasks and the committee members should be thanked for their hard work on behalf of Association members, not wrongly criticized for any delay.

What should be pointed out, however, is a less well known and politically motivated ploy that needlessly delayed the Association’s certification, thereby delaying the entire joint collective bargaining process. Due to the frivolous objection to the Association’s NMB’s certification by a misguided individual on August 21, 2014, the process to certify the TWU-IAM Association as the legal collective bargaining agent was set back for months. This unwarranted objection to the NMB came days after the TWU-IAM Association filed for a determination of single carrier status on August 6, 2014. Certification came 10 months later in May, 2015.

The failed attempt to derail the Association was dismissed by the NMB, but nonetheless had to be investigated and needlessly delayed the process of ultimate certification for many months. In contrast, both flight attendants and passenger service employees at American received a determination of single carrier status in less than two months and American pilots waited less than seven months for their NMB determination.

The TWU-IAM Association will be at the negotiating table shortly with American Airlines and will demand the industry’s best contracts for all 30,000 Association members. Rest assured, we will be prepared, and will not cut corners.

We understand the membership’s desire to gain the industry-best terms of employment you rightfully deserve. And terms of employment are more than just wage rates; they are strengthened job security provisions, fair health insurance, better working conditions, and enhanced retirement security, among many other components.

To obtain accurate information regarding joint contract negotiations, please refer to Negotiating Committee bulletins at,,, and other applicable TWU local websites.

For more clarification, you can contact the below Negotiating Committee members for further information:

IAM—M&R/Stores, Sean Ryan, (757) 618-4652.
TWU—M&R/Stores, Sean Doyle (primary), (614) 214-3454 and David Virella, (817) 773-4054.

IAM—Fleet Service, Mark Baskett, , (704) 860-1802.
TWU—Fleet Service, David Virella, (817) 773-4054 and Sean Doyle, (614) 214-3454.

Sincerely and fraternally,
Sito Pantoja, TWU-IAM Association Chairman, IAMAW General Vice President, Transportation

Harry Lombardo, TWU-IAM Association Vice Chairman, TWU International President

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- See more at:



As for the DFW area we have Associated Air Center in Dallas, TX and they would love to have some good HVY/Commercial A/P’s. If anyone has any corporate experience we have Israel Aircraft Industries LTD in Dallas, TX, Greenpoint Aerospace in Denton, TX and Cutter Aviation in Addison, TX. If anyone is willing to travel go to our website to see all that we have available. We have plenty of recruiters that would love to help get them placed somewhere.

Here is the link to our website, please feel free to call or email me with any questions. Thanks for your help have a great day!

Brook Wesley
Aviation Recruiter
Direct (817) 989-9133 Fax (817) 989-9564

Strom Aviation Inc. Toll Free: 800-743-8988, ext. 9133
3575 Lone Star Circle / Suite 110 Ft. Worth, TX 76177

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GM Arlington

Courtesy of Laura Sparano at the
Tarrant County Central Labor Council

To all,
GM has notified us that they have job openings for skilled labor. Please use this email address: to apply. A resume may be attached to the email correspondence. Please feel free to share the address with fellow members that may be interested.

Rolls-Royce And American Airlines To Dissolve Texas Aero Engine Services LLC Partnership

  • Closing date January 31
  • Rolls cites 64% decline in engine volumes
  • Approx 100 openings at DWH will be created for GoGo and interior mods
  • RIF will happen
  • Approx 220 vacancies in system
  • There will be an early out offer for TAESL only
  • WARN notifications will be in mid October

TWU-IAM Association
Negotiating Committee Web Site

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August 4, 2015
TO: TWU AA Locals 501 - 591
RE: Update Regarding Equity Distribution Litigation

TWU’s attorneys filed a brief in opposition to the appellate brief in Demetrius et. al. v. TWU (commonly known as the Equity Distribution Case) on Monday, July 27, 2015, in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The plaintiffs are seeking to overturn the decisions of the District Court dismissing the Demetrius and Letbetter cases (Letbetter is a similar case that was originally filed in state court in Oklahoma but was removed to federal court and transferred to San Francisco on motions by TWU). TWU’s brief presents the Union’s arguments supporting the decision of the District Court and rebutting the arguments of the plaintiffs/appellants in support of their lawsuit. Plaintiffs will have 14 days from the filing of TWU’s brief to submit their reply to it, though it is likely that they will ask for and secure an additional 30 days. Following the filing of plaintiffs’ final brief, the Court of Appeals will probably schedule oral argument in the case.

If the 9th Circuit affirms the ruling of the District Court, it would mean that TWU could begin to make arrangements for the distribution of the Fund kept in reserve pending the outcome of this litigation.

Sean Doyle
International Vice President

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Date: July 31, 2015
Memo: To All TWU AA Members
From: Garry Drummond, Director, Air Transport Division
Re: Pre-funding Arbitration

The TWU Pre-funding Arbitration will take place on November 17 and 18, 2015, before Arbitrator Richard Bloch.

Our legal team has been fighting road blocks put up by the company regarding the scheduling of the hearing. The Arbitrator had offered earlier consecutive dates to AA and TWU which, if accepted, would obviously have brought the case to a decision in a time frame more acceptable to TWU. When AA stated that it was unavailable on these dates, our counsel requested that any and all steps be considered by the company in an effort to expedite the arbitration process, ranging from appointment of a new arbitrator, to utilizing single dates, to streamlining the arbitration itself by using affidavits in place of direct testimony. The company would not agree to any of the proposals presented that could have resulted in presentation of the case prior to November. Thus, it became necessary for TWU to agree to proceed on the dates offered by the Arbitrator in November, in order to make certain that these days not be lost, with consequent further delay.

At the arbitration, TWU will be urging the Arbitrator to rule that the pre-funding contributions made by American to match the contributions of each participating TWU member should be distributed promptly to those on behalf of whom the contributions were made. TWU will also present the argument that, in the event the Arbitrator should rule against TWU on that first argument, each post November 2012 retiree should be entitled to periodic distributions from his “account” to assist him/her in paying retiree health premiums, as was provided for by the pre-funding Plan during all the years during which the employees were making their contributions.

We understand and share your feelings of frustration at the delay in getting our case heard, and having the opportunity to present the above arguments to the Arbitrator. We realize those feelings are compounded by having to wait for November. We are ready for an effective presentation, and will not stand for any further delay in getting this issue resolved.

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Membership Meeting Dates/Locations

West Location: Union Hall
The third Wednesday of each month
Times: 1110 and 1300

East Location: The Reserve
101 W. Glade Rd. #102 Euless, TX 76039

Date: Thursday following the third Wednesday
Times: 1045 and 1300 (note time change)
Meeting added at 0730 for Shop Steward Nominations and Elections, Reserve Location November/December Only

Prescription Safety Glasses Ordering Info
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AFW - TAESL New Location/Hours
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Shoot Smart Gun Range two doors down from the Hall is offering a 25% discount for AFW Members. Just show your AA badge showing AFW as your base location or your TWU Membership card.

Updated Docket

New Safety Committee TAESL Report

DWH Safety Meeting

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